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Conducting UCLA Final Project December 1994

In this video and as the final project for UCLA film scoring program, each student recorded their individual music composition at an LA studio with professor Gerry Friedman.  The video was recorded from the sound booth and was a most exciting experience of composing and conducting for a 38 piece orchestra with professional union musicians.

"Out of Touch" Lizzie Borden & The Axes (LBA) 1985

IIn March 1985, LBA recorded a four song EP (extended play vinyl record) including the song "Out of Touch". LBA recorded the four songs in the Car's (70's rock band) recording studio in Boston with producer Genya Raven. Out of Touch was then remixed at Berklee School of Music by Brenda for her sound technician school project. The video was filmed at the school and live on a local club's stage by a Boston video production company. Many of LBA's family and friends where actors in the video. This video was in constant play on a local video TV station V66 and won an award for winning the battle of the video's for 3 months in a row!

"How does it Feel" Lizzie Borden & The Axes 1985

This video was a follow up of the first video produced by the same video company. It was a really fun video to film, and the song, written by LBA and lyrics by Lizzie Borden, asks the question: How does it Feel to give and receive? The video was filmed on the streets and alleys of Boston and each member of LBA played both rich and poor people along with many of their families and friends joining them as extra actors.

Interview at Bird Santuary-Boston Ma. LBA 1986

This interview with Mike for a local Boston TV station, was filmed as the birds were carrying on with their day. Rather odd place to film a rock band and no birds or humans were hurt in the filming of this interview. To view Kathy's part of the interview fast forward to 5:03 or watch the whole interview, which is really entertaining.

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