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her story

Young KathyKathy Perry started playing the piano at the age of 7, taking private classical piano lessons with various teachers.  Though she loved playing classical music, at 16 and after several months of unsuccessfully finding the sheet music to Layla, she decided to move her stereo system down to the living room next to her piano. After many attempts of listening to the album and fumbling with the notes on the keys, she discovered that she could play "by ear"! How exciting this was! She could actually play rock n roll music on the piano.

A few years later, while going to college for accounting in Rhode Island, she bumped into a fellow student many times at a party and he finally turned to her and asked "You must play an instrument?" She replied "yes, piano" and then yes again when he suggested that they jam together and form a band.  Wow! How cool was that… playing in a rock 'n roll band! This single moment lead to a lifetime of playing, studying, composing and loving music. 

Backstage-ChannelaBy the fall of 1978, she move to Boston to study music theory at Berklee School of Music and then played in various cover bands for the next few years.  Her roommate worked with a girl guitarist named Rita who played in an all female band called Lizzie Borden & the Axes.  They were looking for a keyboard player, so Kathy went to check it out.  She joined the band and played for the next seven years in the punk/rock band Lizzie Borden & the Axes and then Mata Hari. They traveled throughout New England, New York and the east coast, backing up the Ramones, Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, Spinaltap, Robert Palmer, Foghat, the Fleshtones and headlining many more shows. They recorded a four song EP at the Car's studio in Boston and made two videos for V66, (goto videos), a local music video TV station.  Lizzie Borden & the Axes became one the most popular east coast all female rock acts in the early 80’s and the only all female punk rock band ever in the history of rock 'n roll. They became the V66 video champs for the song "Out of Touch".  The 80's were a fun decade but after the band broke up in 1988, Kathy became tired of the Boston music scene and wanted to study film scoring.

Murder Mystery Theatre 1999By October 1990, Kathy packed up her life and was on her way to Los Angeles and the next year started studying film scoring at UCLA extension program.  As part of the film scoring program she had the great opportunity to write music for and conduct numerous orchestras, (goto videos). In 1993 while traveling around the four corner states, she found Sedona, loved it, went back the next year and decided to build a home there.  After a few years of living in both LA and Sedona, Kathy moved permenantly to Sedona in May 1997.  She then played in several bands and theatre acts including Oceanus (bass guitar), SouthWest Arts in Action playback theatre, Murder Mystery Dinner theatre, Laugh on the Rocks, and wrote film scores for several Zaki Gordon Film Institute student films.  In 2003, a friend introduced her to the program Acid PH(registered sign) which she used to compose her dance workout CD on her computer with wave files.  She had a blast composing these songs and used sometime up to 70 different tracks and wave files to complete the songs.She bought the store Best of Show & Music in Sedona, AZ on June 2005, which she still successfully owns.

1986 In September 2008, after many years of searching for the music she wanted to express, where she should live next or if she should move, traveling all over the world to “get her gypsy out” and trying to figure out what she was doing with her life, an unexpected universal slam put everything into perceptive. On the morning of September 17th, while hiking on the beautiful trails of Sedona, she passed out for a split second (or maybe she was abducted by aliens and thrown back, not really sure), her foot got stuck in the rocks and as she turned she severely broke her ankle.

After surgery (on September 19th while the stock market was crashing) and with a cumbersome cast, she realized she was exactly where she needed to be. Over the next few months the one thing she could do was hobble over to her piano and play and play! She was able to let go of any self criticism and the more she played the more she realized how perfectly wonderful this accident was. The songs just started flowing out of her and she revisited songs that she had already composed with much enthusiasm.  She rekindled her love for the piano, awoke her restless heart.

After a few years of family crisis, including the passing of her mother, she began recording her first solo CD "Awake my Restless Heart" released in September 2012.  


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